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Problem with signal-slot connection across threads [SOLVED

In Qt Designer's signals and slots editing mode, you can connect objects in a form together using Qt's signals and slots mechanism.Both widgets and layouts can be connected via an intuitive connection interface, using the menu of compatible signals and slots provided by Qt Designer.When a form is saved, all connections are preserved so that they will be ready for use when your project is built. How to Use Signals and Slots - Qt Wiki connect(button, SIGNAL (clicked()), qApp, SLOT (quit())); Connections can be added or removed at any time during the execution of a Qt application, they can be set up so that they are executed when a signal is emitted or queued for later execution, and they can be made between objects in different threads. New Signal Slot Syntax - Qt Wiki

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New Signal Slot Syntax - Qt Wiki As you might expect, there are some changes in how connections can be terminated in Qt 5, too. Old way. You can disconnect in the old way (using SIGNAL, SLOT) but only if You connected using the old way, or; If you want to disconnect all the slots from a given signal using wild card character; Symetric to the function pointer one Problem with signal-slot connection across threads [SOLVED ... Problem with signal-slot connection across threads [SOLVED] ... The worker and the subworker need to communicate via signals and slots. I make all the connections from the worker thread, and all the connect() statements return true when running (also, there's no warnings reported in the debug output). ... Looks like your connection to Qt Forum ...

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@Wuzi said in Cannot connect signal and slot from different thread.. Qt::QueuedConnection will be made automatically when I create a connection between two threads or do I have to set it explizit? It is done automatically if you connect after moving to thread.

Qt Signal/Slot Connectons If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. GitHub - wisoltech/qt-signal-slot: Connect QML to C++ with ... Connect QML to C++ with signals and slots. Contribute to wisoltech/qt-signal-slot development by creating an account on GitHub. c++ - Qt Designer: How to remove slot from designer ... Adding slot for a signal of a widget is easy: right click on it and select "go to slot". But how can I remove the slot created for a button (like on_pushButton_clicked) from the Qt designer. Signals & Slots | Qt Core 5.12.3

In a single-threaded Qt application, if you're already handling a signal, another signal won't "jump in the middle" of that code. Instead it'll be queued up as an even to handle immediately after the current slot returns.

Some objects (not all) have some signals (not all) which connections must be visible to user in "connections list". User can change connection to another object with appropriate slot. Application watches for ability to connect signal and slot (actually it gives to user only slots which are allowed to be connected to specific signal). [Solved] Signal and Slot not connecting for some reason ... connect(faultLogScreen, SIGNAL(activateScreen(int)), this, SLOT(setCurrentScreen(int))); Pretty simple and straightforward. I know that the two of the above signal/slot connections work: updateDisplay and setCurrentScreen.